Senior tailgate set for Friday the 13th

This year the senior class is holding a tailgate for the seniors on Oct. 13. The senior class officers and Mr. Michael Saunders, the senior class sponsor, decided that after last year’s break they wanted to host the tailgate again.

At the tailgate there will be food, games, and music for all the students. Everything will be provided to allow for a relaxed and fun atmosphere

“Overall, it will be a fun thing for the senior class. It will allow for some senior bonding time.” Mr. Saunders said.  

Senior class president Morgan Conty explained some of the activities that will happen at the tailgate.

“We plan to have a speaker system where someone can just plug in their phone to play music,” Conty said, “As well as games like cornhole, there will also be food like hot dogs and hamburgers.”

Officers on student council were each assigned a room to get a count of what seniors planned to attend, and it showed that many if not most of the seniors were excited and all for having  the tailgate. Mr. Saunders and the officers all agreed to have the tailgate because they knew that this year’s senior class was well behaved and could handle holding an activity such as this.

The tailgate will take place from 3:30 to 5:30 preceding the game with Elizabeth Forward. Students with questions on the tailgate should see Mr. Saunders, Morgan Conty, or any other senior class officers.

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