Student athletes recognized for academic achievement

As another year of sports begins, a celebration of last years athletes ensues. From football players to runners to cheerleaders and so many more, student athletes are celebrated for maintaining good grades and participating in their extra activities.

Senior Alison Huffman plays soccer and is a member of the girls soccer team and is one of the student-athletes recognized for academic achievement.

“It was an honor to be recognized for something that I know I put the work in for,” she said. “I’ve been part of the 4.0 Scholar Athletes since my freshman year, and to be apart of this is truly a blessing.”

Huffman acknowledged the challenge of balancing school work and athletics.

“It is difficult during a sports season to maintain high grades,” Huffman said. “But during the season I’ve found that I’m more motivated and will work harder to get the work done.”

Chloe McElroy plays soccer and is a member of the track team. She is proud of her achievement in the classroom.

“Getting this nomination means that not only do I work hard and achieve my goals in the sports I play, I also achieve my goals in the classroom,” said McElroy.

McElroy, a sophomore, said she believes her participation in sports helps her in school as well.

“Playing sports has changed my view on school a lot,” said McElroy, “ At first I was waiting for the bell to ring to go home, but now I’m excited for the bell to ring so I can go to practice and get better.”

On Sept. 22, over 100 student athletes with a 3.5 GPA or higher,were recognized for their hard work and dedication when it comes to juggling school work and sports activities.

The girls cross country team was recognized as the highest achieving GPA Southmoreland team.

“I’m very proud of all the girls on the cross country team,” said coach Zack Cavalier. “They are all hard workers and they put lots of effort into both school and sports.”

Elle Kenney, a sophomore, runs cross country and track and field and has aspirations of attaining the top spot in academic rank for the Class of 2020.

“I have always kept my grades up, and I would really like to be the sophomore class’s Valedictorian,” Kenney said. “It’s tough juggling school work and sports because practices are rough, but even though I can be lazy, I do care about my education and hobbies.”

Sophomore Abby Whitlatch, was a Junior Varsity Cheerleader in her freshman year and was nominated.

“I have self doubt, and being a cheerleader and pulling off good grades, helped me believe in myself.” Said Whitlatch, “I’m always good at keeping good grades. throwing in an extra challenge (cheerleading) pushed me to be my best self.”

“I think it’s a nice way to recognize the students working on school work and sports.” Said sophomore Shelbie Baker, “Grades have always been important to me and academics most important. People don’t realize how much students have to juggle outside of school and in school.”

Baker was apart of the Southmoreland Color Guard during the 2016-2017 season.

“This (the award) proves to me that I am able to handle multiple things now and later in life.” Said Baker, “Guard has made me a stronger person. To overcome adversities as a person, to become more mature and less naive.”

Baker challenges the program to include people who have a 3.5 gpa and higher who don’t play a sport, to get their own program along with the sports people.

“The program should be open to others who are more academically involved.” Said Baker, “It should be fair, as to including people who are accelerating in school and also in sports.”

Whitlatch and McElroy agree with Baker.

“Some people work really hard and get a 3.5 to 4.0 and they don’t get recognized for their good work.” Said McElroy.

The program hosted a breakfast for all the athletes on Friday and held the presentation at the football game.

Scholar Athletes from all over the school prove to everyone that it is possible to juggle school work while supporting our sports teams by participating in one or more activities.

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