Scottie football players support ailing teammate

As the Southmoreland varsity football team started with a total of 30 players, things soon took a turn for the worse. Not only for the team, but for one member of the team who has just as much if not more dedication for the team. Yet, Ryan Feldman is a key player for the Scotties even though he doesn’t have the opportunity to play due to a heart condition.

As homecoming court was announced for both girls and boys, two members of the football team, Max Zimmerman and Jaden Datz, took the opportunity to turn the court into something more meaningful.

“I knew when I got announced that I wanted to use this opportunity to do something for (Ryan) Feldman,” said Zimmerman.”He’s someone who never never gives up on us, and even when we feel down on ourselves he is there to pick us back up.”

Both Datz and Zimmerman donated all of the money they made from the sale of their homecoming shirts to Feldman and his family. His surgery is scheduled for Sept. 28.

“Seeing Ryan and the condition that he is in makes me unbelievably grateful that I am able to play Friday night lights along with sports in general,” said Datz. ”This makes me want to give back to him they that we were able to.”

Together the boys raised a total of $475.

The boys took the time before the Sept. 22  Beaver Falls game to reward Feldman with his check.

“It feels so nice to know i have not only a team to stand behind me, but also a community,”said Feldman.”I had no idea they were doing this and couldn’t have been more surprised. Soon after a video was shared to Facebook showing the presentation of the check. The video alone got 183 shares, 240 likes, as well as 41 comments. Following the video, parents, along with members of the Southmoreland community took to Facebook to share how proud they were of our boys.

“Everyone is so focused on our team’s record this year that some adults don’t see the bigger picture,” said Kelly Vance. “These boys are doing something they didn’t have to do. They did it for a teammate, a friend, and that is what it is all about.”

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