Southmoreland to host first ever musical

Southmoreland High School is planning on putting on its first ever musical in the history of the school.

In the past, the school has done plays such as Under The Big Top, The Penny Dreadfuls, and Alice In Wonderland. They were very successful, and the student and staff put all their effort into making their shows an amazing adventure to behold.

Mrs. Michele Zamperini, Southmoreland Choir teacher and Director of the musical this year, loves her job and wouldn’t give it up for anything. She said she is not afraid of taking on the endeavor of putting on a musical.

“I am very aware of the talent here in the building,” Zamperini said.

Mrs. Jamie Gore, Southmoreland Concert Band Director and Pit Director of this year’s musical, has a very similar but different opinion on the matter.

“I think that when you care about something so much, it makes you nervous because you want it to do well,” Mrs. Gore said. “It’s this nervous anticipation that is outweighed by excitement.”

Both Zamperini and Gore have worked at the school for over a decade, and they said the topic of a musical had been brought up in the past. However, they feel as though this is the year the school is ready to put on this production.

“The students have grown over the years,” Mrs. Gore said. “I think that the kids here are very dedicated and will work hard to make this musical the best it can be.”

In early December, students will have the opportunity for training at a workshop that focuses on singing, dancing, and acting in preparation for their audition. Gore and Zamperini said that they hope this workshop builds confidence for those who are nervous to audition.

Auditions will then be held the weekend after the workshop. Those who receive acting parts will have their scripts before Christmas break, and there will be rehearsals for vocalists starting in January.

Overall, Zamperini and Gore agreed that this musical will need student body participation in order to thrive.

“It takes a village and then some,” Mrs. Zamperini said. “It’s definitely a process.”

But they are both especially thankful to Dr. John Molnar, Southmoreland superintendent, for granting them the opportunity to produce a musical.

“We are very thankful that Dr. Molnar brought attention to the fact that it was time for our school to do a musical,” Mrs. Zamperini said. “We’re excited to put on this production.”

There will be a meeting for all those interested next Wednesday, September 20 during day 3 I.E. in the auditorium.

There will be opportunities for those who are interested in performing, stage crew, tech crew, art crew, and playing in the pit. Show dates for the musical will be March 23-25, 2018.

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