Cartwright enjoys return to classroom after completing deployment

Mr. Sean Cartwright is back. The science teacher has been back in school for a week following a one-year deployment to the Middle East, and it’s right back to business with his biology and chemistry classes.

“I’m really excited to meet all the kids I didn’t get to teach” said Mr. Cartwright. “I missed teaching a lot.”

Mr. Cartwright is in the science department for a reason. He’s teaching the subjects he loves.

“I love science” said Mr. Cartwright. “It’s my hobby, not my job.”

School wasn’t the only thing Mr. Cartwright missed while he was away. He also missed his wife, Mary, and especially his children, Sean Jr. and Ethan.

“Aside from teaching I really missed my twin boys while I was away” said Mr. Cartwright. “I wasn’t here for their entire second grade year.”

Mrs. Opalinski, who filled in while Mr. Cartwright was away, will continue to teach for the duration of this school year alongside him.

“While it was sometimes overwhelming, I really learned a lot from teaching this year” said Mrs. Opalinski. “Mr. Cartwright is a really organized teacher, so that made my job easier coming into it.”

Mrs. Opalinski said she will stay at Southmoreland next year as a building substitute.

“I’ve known most the the kids here since they were little,” said Mrs. Opalinski. “Next year I’m going to stay here as a building substitute because I really love the kids.”

Aside from teaching students, Mr. Cartwright brought his career as a teacher with him to the National Guard.

“I only teach topics I love” said Mr. Cartwright. “While I was in Jordan, I would give little mini lessons to any of my soldiers that who listen.”

While he loves being in the National Guard, Mr. Cartwright is more than happy to be home with his family and his students.

“I recently completed 20 years in the National Guard and plan on continuing for the time being,” said Mr. Cartwright. “But I’m glad to be back, and I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world having the opportunity to be a teacher.”

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