Student council sponsors annual blood drive

Westmoreland County is in desperate need of blood donations, so in an attempt to help, a blood drive was sponsored by Student Council with the help the American Red Cross last month.

There were 62 juniors and seniors who signed up to donate, which is one of the largest groups student council has had in several years. Alongside students, there were several teachers that took time out of their day to help save lives.

Although there were 62 signups, the blood drive resulted in only 24 successful donations. Many students were turned away due to iron deficiencies as well as being underweight. Other donations were not used because of students being on various medications.

“It’s unfortunate that we didn’t have more successful donations, but regardless, I’m glad that student council takes part in this event,” said student council representative Charles Echard.

Junior and senior student council members volunteered to help run the blood drive, which included jobs like walking with donors to prevent injuries, supplying refreshments to raise blood sugar, as well as many other responsibilities. There were also students who are attending vo-tech for medical related services that volunteered to help.

“I really enjoyed working the blood drive because I was part of making a difference,” said student council vice president Keera Frye. “It was nice to see so many of my classmates doing the same by donating.”

The American Red Cross had contacted student council to thank Southmoreland for all the donations that are going to save so many lives.

“The blood drive has always been one of my favorite events of student council because we are able to involve the students while helping save lives,” said Elise Proch, student council president.

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