St. Amant earns doctoral degree

Southmoreland High School’s Assistant Principal Mrs. St. Amant can now be more appropriately referred to as Dr. St. Amant.

For the past 10 years, Dr. St. Amant has been attending several courses at the University of Pittsburgh in order to receive her doctorate degree in Education. She has been able to accomplish this while also working as a teacher and an assistant principal.

“I really value education, and in my position, I wanted to prove that, and receiving the highest degree that I could get was how I wanted to model that,” said Dr. St. Amant.

Dr. St. Amant’s final dissertation was based on the effects of teacher mindsets on low-track students.  

When asked how she chose the topic, Dr. St. Amant said, “I was observing, and I noticed that lower track students were getting a really watered-down version of information compared to students in more advanced classes.”

In spite of this, Dr. St. Amant studied the differences in teaching techniques and teacher mindsets when low-track students were placed in difficult classes.

Dr. St. Amant admitted that it was sometimes difficult finding a balance between school, work, and her family.

“Number 1: I have an amazing support system. My husband (Mark) and my parents were always willing to jump in when I needed it; and number 2, I survive on very little sleep,” she said.

Dr. St. Amant worked on her degree any time she could and even mentioned that “on the weekends, I would wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning and work until (daughter Logan and son Garrett) woke up, so school wouldn’t interfere with time I could spend with her.”

Dr. St. Amant also mention that she could possibly consider higher administration one day, but definitely not anytime soon.

“Superintendent is not something I’m interested in right now because I really enjoy working with students, and I would have a hard time losing that,” she said.

Fellow administrator, principal Mr. Dan Krofcheck, commented that “Dr. St. Amant has worked tirelessly to earn her doctoral degree while remaining committed to her family, friends, and the students at Southmoreland. Receiving a doctoral degree is a tremendous accomplishment, and we are very proud of her.”

Dr. St. Amant feels that “everyone, including me, is just happy that I’m finally done.”

For anyone considering receiving their doctorate degree, Dr. St. Amant said “I would encourage anyone that is interested in higher education to continue learning and have the opportunity to meet new people and learn from them.”

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