Exchange student reacts to Trump’s remarks about Sweden

Editor’s note: Jennifer Wahlin is a Southmoreland exchange student from Sweden.

During a rally in Florida on Feb. 18, President Trump started listing European countries that has been struck by terrorist attacks the past two years. But it’s what he said about Sweden that worried me the most.

“You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden! Who would believe this? Sweden! They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible,” said Trump before swiftly moving on to talk about Brussels, without giving any explanation or mentioning what he’s referring to. with respect to Sweden. My problem isn’t that he’s stating that Sweden’s having problems with immigrants, what annoys me is that the President of America thinks that it’s okay to make false statements like this.

Later on President Trump took to twitter and claimed that he was referring to a story that was broadcast on Fox News about immigration in Sweden.

Fox News has been criticized for broadcasting news based of unverified reports. The fact that the President of the United States made such statements is absurd and terrifying.

The former Swedish prime minister, Carl Bildt, tweeted about the speech and wondered what Trump “had been smoking.” Many Swedes started to troll Trump over social media, making fun about “what happened” in Sweden last Friday. I don’t really know if I should laugh or cry, because even though it’s hilarious that the President calls out nonexistent incidents, at the same time it makes me really angry.

Even though he’s not actually saying that Sweden was attacked, it’s exactly what he’s trying to make it sound like and it’s not OK. It’s propaganda at it’s worst, and if you can’t see that or don’t want to acknowledge it, then I’m really sorry for you.

The last terror attack in Sweden was caused by Anton Lundin Petterson on Oct. 22, 2015. He attacked a school in Trollhättan. Disguised in a mask similar to Darth Vader, he walked in with a sword and killed a teacher assistant and a student. Another student was stabbed along with a teacher who died at the hospital six weeks after the attack. Petterson died shortly after from a shot that was fired from a police in the middle of the school. His actions was motivated by racism, and reportedly he had looked up right-wing extremist sites online that supported Adolf Hitler. He had chosen that school as his target because of it’s location in a neighborhood with a high immigrant population.

Anton Lundin Petterson walked into the school that he’d plan to attack. He was dressed as something that’s been compared with Darth Vader and since this was happening right around Halloween students initially thought it was a prank.

Are there flaws with (Sweden’s) immigration process? Yes, and the biggest one are people like Anton Lundin Petterson and the ones with a mindset like Donald Trump.

Now that we’ve cleared that out, dear Mr. President, let me tell you what actually went down in Sweden on Feb., 17. Even though it wasn’t as bad as a terrorist attack you might want to sit down for this.

You have probably never heard of it, but every year we have this music contest called Melodifestivalen. It’s a huge deal. Apparently, there was some issue during rehearsals on Friday, but on Saturday during the live show, everything was fine. So you can relax now.

I know that Google translation isn’t perfect and that it’s easy to jump to conclusions when the Swedish population is freaking out. But Mr. President, next time you should just assume that they choked on a (Swedish) meatball instead of making up fake news.

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  1. Very strong story, gives insight to international feelings about American government. Great job

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