Moore enjoys time as part of history department staff

After spending almost 20 years involved with the school district, it’s safe to say that Southmoreland has impacted Kaitlyn Moore throughout her life.

Ms. Moore, 28, is currently a long term substitute in the history department to cover teacher Ms. Jennifer Tacconi’s sabbatical. After graduating from Southmoreland High School in 2006, Moore quickly returned to the district as a substitute after earning her education degree at Penn State University. She has since then remained busy and involved with the district and all of its students.

Even though Ms. Moore works every day between Southmoreland and Yough school districts, she says “It can be difficult not having a full-time job, especially when I probably could have if I left the area.”

Ms. Moore said she prefers staying in the area, adding that she would “love to earn a job at Southmoreland” because working in the high school’s history department would be “a meaningful work environment.”

Aside from teaching, Ms. Moore also works as a waitress at Pagano’s Restaurant in New Stanton. As soon as she lands a full-time job, Ms. Moore said she plans on quitting her waitressing job to do her “favorite activity” which is spending time with her nieces and nephew.

The 2016-17 school year is not the first time Ms. Moore has served as a long term substitute at Southmoreland. She spent time in the middle school but finds high school education “interesting” and enjoys seeing the seniors grown up and can have “better conversations with them.”

“Having (the seniors) again is the reason I was most excited for this school year,” Ms. Moore said.

Ms. Tacconi is returning in January.

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