Myers catches Queen of Diamonds Cage MVP Award

IMG_8753 (1)“Everything” is how Makenna Myers described what her beloved softball team means to her, and devotes many hours a week to.
“I’m so proud to wear the Power Gold uniform,” said Myers. “I wouldn’t want to be on any other team.”
Myers was chosen to be a part of the Queen of Diamonds North Showcase at Kent State University in Ohio, along with around 350 other people out of the nearly 2,400 who applied.
“It’s a showcase that you apply through a series of steps to be accepted,” said Myers, a sophomore.
Myers said it was not “hard at all” for her because of the “exceptional” team that she plays with.
Athletes who get into the showcase are put onto a team with different girls who show different positions. The eight best pitchers, the eight best catchers, and the 16 best hitters are chosen. The players are then all put on teams.
The teams then play showcase games for college coaches. Myers was placed on a “special” team called the “cage animals.”
“I stayed in the batting cages the whole time to get the most looks from college coaches,” said Myers.
Myers plays for Pittsburgh Power Gold and the Southmoreland high school team but said she is passioniate for her showcase team “and loves everything about it including the coaches, the team members, structure, and level of play.”
Myers added that her showcase team “literally plays all over the country. What’s more fun than that?”
Myers has been playing the sport since she was 4 years old, inspired by her dad who played baseball as a child.
“I would say that my biggest inspiration is my sister,” said Myers of her Courtney, an eighth grader. “I want to be a role model to her.”
At the showcase, Myers was excited to be named Cage MVP and said she ” felt confident” in the game she played.
“I was super excited, but right after that game I knew I was going to get it because of how well I did,” said Myers.

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