Life after high school

Most students when they are entering high school have a sense of animosity of trepidation towards it. They think that high school will “eat them alive” like the monster that had been described to them since elementary school. Most seniors would’ve never thought that they could miss the place they once viewed in disgust.

“I don’t really know where I want to go, but I am positive on my major,” said Katrina Lauffer.

Lauffer wants to major in sports broadcasting, because she feels that should would be better at broadcasting than she would at playing sports.

For senior, Kyle Halleman, the “excitement and rush of college life” is fast approaching. With a designated plan set in his head, Halleman just needs his acceptance letter for his plan to be set into motion.

“I want to go to Penn State’s main campus and into their SRA program,” said Halleman.

The SRA program stands for Security and Risk Analysis.

“The SRA program is a terrific opportunity for me,” said Halleman. “I feel as if I would prosper in that field.”

As for his school of choice, Penn State makes the most sense to him due to the in state tuition costs, along with the respect that the Penn State title holds worldwide.

For other seniors, like Brandon Collins, staying close to home is very important to him.

“I want to go to WCCC for two years,” said Collins. “Then transfer to California University of Pennsylvania to major in Computer Technology and Engineering.”

The looming graduation date brings fear to the surface. These fears cannot restrict the ambition of the class of 2015 but push them forward in life to strive for something better.

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