Teen driving week at Southmoreland

National Teen driver safety week has started at Southmoreland High School. It began, Oct. 15 and will conclude Oct. 24. It is a program that reminds teenagers of the dangers of driving unsafely, whether that is something like speeding, or texting and driving. These are all very dangerous and can put a teen driver in danger.

The themes of the week consist of:

· Oct. 15 was “Traffic Light day.” The students wore the colors of a traffic light. They had their choice of red, yellow, or green.

· Oct. 16 was “Always Happy Day” in loving memory of the late Brendan Walters, a student who tragically lost his life in a car accident in June. Students wore “Always Happy” shirts

· Oct. 17 was “Safety Day” Students wore neon colors.

· Oct. 20’s theme is “Live Your Dash” in memory of Chris Kiefer. Students wore sports memorabilia.

· Oct. 21 is “Live For Your Future.” Students are to wear their college gear

· Oct. 22 is “Two Eyes on the Road, Two Hands on the Wheel” Twin Day

· Oct. 22 is “Grim Reaper Day.” Students are to wear white.

· Oct. 23 is “Super Sober Day” Superhero day.

All students are encouraged to participate, although it is not mandatory.

These themes along with student support are all intended to raise awareness on the dangers of negligent driving.

“I think it’s a great idea. Everyone could learn how to drive more safely,” said Lori Herman, principal secretary.

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