Mr. Zachary Cavalier

Mr. Cavalier shows his students a powerpoint in Biology.

Mr. Cavalier shows his students a powerpoint in Biology.

When Zachary Cavalier was 13-years-old, he had his mind made up that he wanted to be a science teacher. Typically, people of this age don’t have a clue about what they want as a career for the rest of their life. Cavalier however set his goals and pursued it.
Today, he is a biology teacher.
“Both of my parents were teachers and I had a feeling that’s what I would be doing,” said Cavalier. “Looking back, I couldn’t see myself doing anything but teaching.”
Cavalier has a passion for the outdoors and nature, so being a biology teacher was the perfect fit. As a child he enjoyed being outside, especially bird watching and fishing.
When Cavalier is at home, he enjoys making his own “stuff”, which includes cheese and brewing his malted beverages.
“Most of what I make I just give away,” said Cavalier. “I’m not into keeping all the stuff I make for me, I value the scientific processes involved and the understanding of the scientific processes involved in making the cheese or [beverages] or whatever I’m making.”
According to Cavalier, teaching is more than just explaining material to students and giving lessons, teaching to him is being a life coach.
“I feel that being valued as a mentor and when students value my trust, that is the greatest reward in teaching,” said Cavalier. “I also think being able to help students with life problems is rewarding as well”
While teaching has its many rewards, it also has some very difficult challenges.
“I think the hardest part of teaching is the people who don’t value what you do, “said Cavalier. “It made me think that maybe I didn’t make the right life choice since no one seems to value what I do.”
Cavalier combats this by simply not “caring what other people say about teaching”.
“I just like to think that people who don’t appreciate what I do just don’t know what teachers do,” said Cavalier.

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