Ms. Jennifer Tacconi

Ms Tacconi shows her students the board.

Ms Tacconi shows her students the board.

Tacconi ran track for her high school for 3 years, but she was always a sprinter. She started running distance in September of 2012.

“I guess that I never felt that I could run distance before, my son and husband are the reason that I started,” said Tacconi.

Even though Tacconi no longer runs track she does help out. She times the people while they are running at meets and sometimes she helps out with cross country.

Tacconi’s favorite part of running is setting goals and meeting them.

“When I accomplish the goals I set I feel really good ,” said Tacconi.

When running, Tacconi usually feels very “relaxed” and is “zoned out.” When she is done running she feels like she has a lot of energy, but other times she feels very “beat up.”

Even though Tacconi loves to run there are some aspects of it that she doesn’t like.

“It sounds kind of weird,” said Tacconi,“but my least favorite thing about running is actually thinking about running,”

Most of Tacconi’s students were surprised with the fact she ran a half marathon and that she participated in track, but they thought it was really cool.

“I never knew she did that stuff,” said Keera Frye, “but it is definitely very interesting ,”

Tacconi plans on possibly running another marathon in Pittsburgh this year, possibly even a full marathon.

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