Mrs. Elizabeth Goodman

Mrs Goodman assists Kylee Wisilowski

Mrs Goodman assists Kylee Wisilowski

Teaching an art class is one of the many things Elizabeth Goodman, Southmoreland, has been doing for the past few years. But teaching is only a slight part of her daily life when it comes to her talents.

In second grade, Goodman chose to play the piano whenever her parents had given her the opportunity to pick an instrument. Goodman has many talents, but being an athlete or a teacher all becomes benign as she begins to play her piano.

“When I was younger the first few years were full of tears,” Goodman said “I didn’t have the patience to play at first. As I got older and the years progressed, I began to love it.”

As her parents pushed her through the years, she began to not play, while she was playing. The love of the piano was so great for her that it seemed as if she could write the melodies with her fingertips. Her musically inclined abilities had taken her from a small level of knowledge at a young age, to playing for the Southmoreland choir later as an adult.

Goodman is the daughter of one of the band members in Tommy James and The Shondells, so music has been running through the family for decades. Her skill and technique is unique among no other seeing the fact her father is highly intellectual in music. Though it was a challenge at first, Goodman never gave up and just kept working at it.

“Never feel as if you’re defeated,” Goodman said “You can do so many amazing things when you have confidence in yourself and you always remember that you will always be good at it.”

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