Ms Marie Heberling

Ms Marie Heberling helps a student with her work.

Ms Marie Heberling helps a student with her work.

Science teacher Mrs. Marie Heberling, has taught at multiple schools but loves teaching at Southmoreland.

“I find it better than some of the other schools I went to,” said Mrs. Heberling, “and it’s much closer to home.”

Mrs. Heberling has been a teacher for 10 years, but has been teaching at Southmoreland for 4 years. She teaches math and science and would like to even expand into teaching a history course.

Before she was a teacher, though, she worked at the Carnegie Science Center and at YMCA camps. There, Mrs. Heberling was a teacher of physical and chemical science there and taught students as well as other teachers.

While working at the YMCA camps she was a nature center director. She did hikes and tree, animal, and insect identification. When Mrs. Heberling retires she would like to be a park ranger or work in the gardens of Bush Gardens in Williamsburg, VA.

Mrs. Heberling doesn’t mind dealing with the kids she teaches, because she already deals with kids of her own. She has three teenagers, but the students here are almost like more kids for her to take care of. Mrs. Heberling says that the kids here are much better than some kids she used to teach in other schools.

“The students here are just great kids.” Mrs. Heberling said,” Out of all the schools I taught, the students at Southmoreland have to be the best.”

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