Fatal Accident Crushes Family

Friday September 6th, Dakota Bash took his final breath. Despite the firefighters, paramedics, doctors, and nurses best efforts, they couldn’t keep this young life from ending too soon.

“When we arrived on scene, the ambulance was already there,” said East Huntingdon Volunteer Fire Department’s Chief, Jeff Keefer. “We just helped the medics.”

Tuesday September 3rd at 6:30pm, East Huntingdon Fire Department got a call for an eight-year-old male in a golf cart accident. Scottdale’s station 58 and mutual aid also were also called to scene. Mutual aid responded and arrived on scene first. They were already ready for transport when the second East Huntingdon fire truck arrived.

The eight-year-olds name was Dakota Bash, a student at Southmoreland Elementary school. His two sisters also attend Southmoreland.

It is believed that the golf cart got stuck and Bash tried to get it unstuck. When he tried to push on the cart, it came back on him.

Bash was taken to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. He was there from the third of September until the sixth if September, when he passed away.

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