Field Down

Brady King and Kyle Cohen have looked forward to playing their senior year on Russ Grimm Field, however the boys and their fellow senior players have had to come to terms with the fact that there will be no “home field advantage” this year.

“I hate the fact that that we can’t play on our own field,” said senior Brady King. “Not being able to walk out onto our own field almost ruins our season.”

Russ Grimm Field is unusable after the massive amount of flood damage that ripped up a corner of the field after a devastating rain storm. Now the football team was fortunately able to relocate all of their home games to California University of Pennsylvania.

“I wished we were going to be able to be able to walk out and be recognized at our own field on senior night,” said senior Kyle Cohen.

It was thought at first that the field might be able to be temporarily fixed however the damage was so extensive that the school decided to wait till the offseason to do repairs that are needed.

“I don’t know if there was anything the school could have done to prevent the flooding, said Cohen. “I can’t let it affect my senior year. Like our coach said we need to face adversity and push through it.”

Football is not the only sport that has been affected by this. Both boys and girls soccer has had to relocate for the season with both teams playing the majority of their home games at the middle school.

“It’s sad that we won’t ever get to play on our home field again being seniors, said senior Hannah Porter. It’s all very different then what I expected my senior year of sports to be.”

“It’s disappointing you look forward to senior night and playing with your friends for the last time, said senior Adam Hernley. Now we can’t do it on our home field.”

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