A Field to the Public; a Home to the Scotties

Heather Johnson, a senior and a marching band member at Southmoreland High School, has been affected by the recent damage to Russ Grimm Field. It is an upsetting fact that she won’t be able to perform in front of a home crowd ever again. However this year’s seniors will have to make the best of a bad situation.

The Southmoreland High School marching band was greatly affected by the recent damages of Russ Grimm’s football field. A flood had demolished the fields turf and rendered it useless until repairs are made next year. This is very problematic to anyone who uses it.

Of all the seniors, Heather Johnson feels more strongly than the others.

“I personally think there are both positive and negative attributes. It’s a good attribute, because it prepares us seniors for the unexpected, because let’s face it . . . No one really knows what is going to happen; we only have ideas of what will happen, said Johnson.” I think it has negative attributes because it is kind of far away and people don’t really want to travel that far, so, crowds are small.”

To Johnson, she sees the light in this situation, because another school is caring and trying to help her and her school’s band by letting them participate on their field. But, because there is no school closer by helping this band, it causes the viewers to be few, this ruins morale.

“We have put so much of our time, and compassion into performing on our home field, and now knowing that we can’t, kind of bums me out, to say the least,” said Johnson.

Johnson gets very emotional towards the end of the interview. “The only thing us seniors can do is make memories at Cal U, because honestly, it doesn’t matter where you are at . . . The memories you make is what matters, because years from now, those memories will be precious to us all.”

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